Schedule of Charges and Fees

Policy premiums are billed in accordance with the currently approved TIRSA rate manual. Since a variety of factors may influence the premium, particularly on refinance transactions, it is best to contact our office for an accurate rate quote. Please note that policies issued in Zone 1 will include an additional charge for the cost of the abstract. Please be advised that the TIRSA Rate Manual provides that additional charges may be imposed for especially difficult titles. Any such charges will be disclosed prior to closing.

Below is a list of “ancillary charges” for services performed in addition to and apart from the title insurance premium.

  • Municipal Search Request: $50.00 plus the charge imposed by the municipality.
  • Bankruptcy Search: $15.00 per name searched. (Searches are provided by a third party vendor)
  • Patriot Act Search: $15.00 per name searched.
  • Document Recording Service Charge (when applicable): $25.00 per document to be recorded.
  • Mortgage Payoff Service Charge: $150.00 for the first mortgage.  $50.00 for each additional mortgage. (Includes the cost of overnight delivery)
  • Survey Inspection: $175.00.
  • Tax Escrow Service Fee: $50.00 per escrow.
  • Overnight Delivery Charge: $50.00 per package.
  • Corporate Certificate of Good Standing: $100.00 per certificate. (Additional charges may be imposed for expedited service.)
  • Any other ancillary charges shall be billed at a rate that is deemed reasonable and in accordance with the requirements of the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Fees for Abstract Services:

  • Last Owner Search: $125.00 minimum.
  • Judgment/Lien only search: $50.00 per name searched.
  • Abstract/Land Title Research: Please contact us for a quote.

Please be advised that some of the above services are subject to New York State Sales Tax. The sales tax will be collected at the applicable rate for the county where the closing occurs or delivery is made.