About Glasco Abstract

For three decades and counting Glasco Abstract, Inc. has remained steadfast in its commitment to being the best choice for title insurance in the Mid-Hudson Valley region.

The company was formed in 1988, but its roots go back much further. The founding partners were experienced real estate attorneys who had been active in researching and abstracting real property titles since the early 1970’s. Prior to the formation of Glasco Abstract, Inc. these individuals spent many years acting as approved attorneys for several title insurance companies. Their wisdom and expertise formed the foundation from which we have grown. Our company president trained under the guidance of these accomplished title insurance veterans. Although most of our founders have retired, their philosophy of providing personal service with meticulous attention to detail carries on today.

Company President and CEO Bill Schirmer began searching titles in 1986. He has been with Glasco Abstract, Inc. since graduating from Marist College in 1989. He believes that establishing a strong professional relationship with each and every one of our clients is of paramount importance to our continued success.

Glasco Abstract, Inc. is a member of the New York State Land Title Association.

Glasco Abstract, Inc. is ALTA Best Practices certified.

Glasco Abstract, Inc. is licensed to act as a title insurance agent by the New York State Department of Financial Services. License No. TLA-1358401

Why Choose Glasco Abstract

Our goal is to provide superior service from the moment an order is received, through the date of closing.

We strive to keep our staff well educated in every aspect of the ever evolving title insurance industry. Qualified professionals review all of our titles in-house with exhaustive attention to detail and strict adherence to accepted underwriting practices. Our long-established, solid reputation with underwriting counsel at two top-rated national title insurance companies allows us to quickly obtain legal advice when complex underwriting issues arise. When purchasing a title insurance policy from Glasco Abstract, Inc. you can rest assured that all prospective problems relating to the title of the property have been considered, and disposed of to the satisfaction of the insured.